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In re Stacey G.

March 21, 2006

Connecticut Appellate Court 94 Conn. App. 348 (2006) March 21, 2006 In a short and straightforward case, the Appellate Court reversed a trial court’s denial of a father’s motion to transfer guardianship on evidentiary grounds, and because the trial court would not grant a continuance to hear evidence from a forensic psychologist. The father’s travails […]

In re Ashley

February 1, 2006

Connecticut Superior Court 2006 Ct. Sup. 2239 (J.D. of Middlesex) Feb. 1, 2006   In this superior court decision, the trial court denied the State’s motion to compel a battered women’s shelter to disclose the mother’s health records. The State argued that the “Specific Steps” required the mother to sign releases and allow DCF to […]

In re Claudia F.

January 24, 2006

Connecticut Appellate Court 93 Conn. App. 343 (2006) January 24, 2006   The question of mootness once again confronted the Appellate Court in Claudia F. and the court answered in a resounding fashion by determining that a respondent mother’s voluntary termination of her parental rights rendered an appeal of a neglect adjudication moot. The case, however, is […]

In re Shaiesha O.

January 3, 2006

Connecticut Appellate Court 93 Conn. App. 42 (2006) January 3, 2006   Historically speaking, Connecticut’s appellate courts have demonstrated a strong predilection to affirm judgments terminating parental rights of parents in child protection proceedings. In a rare exception to form, the Appellate Court overturned a trial court’s termination of parental rights in In re Shaiesha O and […]

In re Patricia C.

Connecticut Appellate Court 93 Conn. App. 25 (2006) January 3, 2006   One of the most difficult questions in the child protection realm is whether poverty – specifically the lack of quality, affordable housing (with appropriate furnishings), is a ground upon which the state can remove children and maintain commitment. In Patricia C., the Appellate Court […]

In re Nicholas R.

November 15, 2005

Connecticut Appellate Court 92 Conn. App. 316 (2005) November 15, 2005   In a short but interesting case, the appellate court affirmed an order of temporary custody (“OTC”) obtained by the Department of Children and Families (“Department”) in September 2004. The facts of the case are relatively straight forward – but the language used by […]

In re Alejandro L.

September 6, 2005

Connecticut Appellate Court 1 Conn. App. 248 (2005) September 6, 2005   The appellate court affirmed the termination of the appellant mother’s four children where substance abuse appeared to be the single most devastating factor contributing to the termination. The events that resulted in termination began in March 2001, when the youngest child was born […]

In re Christina M.

August 2, 2005

Connecticut Appellate Court 90 Conn. App. 565 (2005) August 2, 2005   This case involves the termination of parental rights where neither the children nor the parents want a separation, and where no guardian ad litem was appointed despite the children’s wishes conflicting with their attorney’s representation of their best interest. In January of 2000, […]

In re Heather L.

June 21, 2005

Connecticut Appellate Court 274 Conn. 174 (2005) June 21, 2005   The court, in this matter, denied a father’s motion for a mistrial and upheld the lower court’s decision to terminate his parental rights. The trial court terminated his parental rights due to findings of abandonment, failure on his part to rehabilitate, and lack of […]

In re Brendan C.

June 14, 2005

Connecticut Appellate Court 89 Conn. App. 512 (2005) June 14, 2005   In this case, the parents of Brendan C., an eight year old with special needs, challenged the termination of their parental rights by the court. The crux of the father’s claim was that his parental rights had been improperly terminated solely because of […]

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